The Doubting Dereks present a programme of Eclectic Entertainments at Ventnor Exchange.

February 28th at 8pm.

An evening of themed themed entertainments featuring adventures in music, clownery, persuasive speech and fretful musings.

On the theme of 'In' we have the extreme talents Doris Dolally, Laura Reed, Angela Freebrey, The Balducci Bros, Matt Hitt, Tubby Tortellini and John Armstrong providing a heady mix of all of the above with a bonus dollop of the New Awkward.

Starts at 8pm, admission is completely free

In addition, the opportunity to sample a Wide and Keenly Priced and Eclectic range of alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

For additional info, please contact John Armstrong -


Doris Dolally endeavours to create 'awkward in her perfomances. On production of one such Andy Kauffman inspired performance one friend actually said 'Wow, I know no one else that could do that'. You may think that we are implying here that it was great. We are not. Just that Doris has a strong stomach for discomfort. She is among the very few who embrace the fact that if you expect nothing, you will never be disappointed. On her second ever performance John Armstrong introduced her with 'Please welcome Doris Doolally, I cannot be responsible for the carnage that will follow' Please expect bad humour, poor performance and a level of awkward only rivalled by the British need to be polite and applaud. Expect excessive disappointment, melancholia and a keen dense of quietly anarchic destruction

John Armstrong is a writer and performer who has scribbled extensively on the poetry of J H Prynne, Paul Celan, Sir Geoffrey Hill and David Jones. He considers himself to be a documentarist performer in the manner of Caroline Bergvall and also works in collaboration with composers Radu Malfatti and Matt Hitt in producing neo-avant blends of music and voice. He's been producing various gigs on the Isle of Wight for the last five years with an emphasis on promoting original material. John has recently discovered clownery and is especially keen to inflict his clocking skills on the hapless audience.

Matt Hitt is a musician and artist whose tastes range from the experimental to the banal. His main areas of interest are in contemporary clarinet performance and interactive installation art that explores the ideas of the viewer as collaborator. Lately Matt has been working alongside John Armstrong producing innovative minimalist works combining spoken voice and clarinet and also has recently made a return to a more pure form of composition using traditional instrumentation.

When not embracing his pretentious, artistic side, he spends his time as one half of comedy cabaret act The Ventnor Darlings, where he has plenty of opportunity to sing all sorts of awfully brilliant songs while wearing inappropriately tight trousers.