The Doubting Dereks present a programme of Eclectic Entertainments at Ventnor Exchange.

A series of themed entertainments featuring adventures in art, music, clownery, persuasive speech and chat.

August 30th - Friends with Sue Pereskeva, Matt Hitt, Angela Freebrey, Maya Malfatti, John Armstrong, John Trotman and others.

September 27th- Foes

October 25th- Us

December 6th- Them

Starts at 8pm, £5 admission

In addition, the opportunity to sample a Wide and Keenly Priced and Eclectic range of alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

For additional info, please contact John Armstrong -

Aug 30th, On Friends and Friendship, a celebration.

The 'friends' entertainments are conceived as a cunningly balanced melange of the silly, the entertaining and the brow furrowingly odd. These are whisked together to produce an experience that will both soothe and alarm. At the same time.

On the surface, the making and maintaining of friendship looks quite straightforward, a given, something we all learned as kids and certainly not worthy of an evening's entertainment. Dig a little, but not much, deeper and we hope to show you that this whole business is entertainingly but annoyingly complicated. We'd like you to think of what we offer as a succession of soothingly comforting strokes punctuated by the occasional plank in the eye. This plank is the Truth of Friendship which says that it's a messy, demanding business but that we all need to do it as well as we can.

The Dereks are a forlorn troupe of wannabe stadium rockers who mask their disappointment by performing scraps of their own material in front of complete strangers. They are fortunate to receive full and warm-hearted support from those nice people at the Ventnor Exchange. The hope is to one day be able to play in either Wroxall or Shanklin. But not both.